At Whiteabbey, our Interim Managers can offer you, the client:

a fresh, impartial approach

access to specialists for as long as required

experience gained from a large number of organisations

resources that are comfortable with a dynamic environment

goal orientated executives who are proactive in achieving results

no payroll costs such as company vehicle, holidays, pensions or medical



A plan quantified in monetary terms, prepared and approved prior to a defined period of time.....

Management Accounting

The provision of information required by management for such purposes as formulation of policies.....

Financial Appraisals

The process of evaluating proposed investment in specific fixed assets and the benefits to be obtained from their acquisition.....

Systems Implementation

A “system” can be defined as a set of processes and sub-processes that result in some output relevant to the business..... 

Top management should look seriously at Interim Management because:-

It is very flexible

It is cost-effective

Its use is increasing

It is a genuine alternative resourcing option

It limits management’s commitment and responsibility

It can achieve objectives that might not otherwise be achieved

It allows management to keep control, often a problem when projects are out-sourced

It can access talented executives who might otherwise not be available or even identified